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There are many choices for consumers who are interested in a supplemental heating element to use in addition to their home’s furnace. One such choice is an electric fireplace, which has many advantages for a homeowner. If you are trying to decide if an electric fireplace would be a good addition to your home, then check out the benefits and drawbacks outlined below to see if it is the right fit for you.

Benefits: Convenient

Electric fireplaces are convenient. There is no wood to cut, store, or haul and no mess like you would have with a traditional wood burning fireplace. All you have to do to use an electric fireplace is flip a switch and you are done. You will get comfortable zone heating that will help you stay warm when temperatures go down.


Safety is a big concern when using a heating device. Whether it is a space heater or a wood burning stove, there are safety concerns involved. With an electric fireplace you can be sure that your home and your family will be safe. Because electric fireplaces are not hot to the touch, you don’t have to worry about small children or pets near them. Also, many have an automatic off switch or a timer that will turn the appliance off after a certain amount of time.


Although electric fireplaces’ costs have a wide range, you can typically get a good model for a few hundred dollars. Compared to other heating sources, such as a gas fireplace or wood burning stove, an electric fireplace is a bargain. Because of the affordability of owning one, many people choose to purchase multiple units for different areas of their homes.


Electric fireplaces are relatively compact depending on the model that you choose. This means you are able to add one to many different rooms of your home easily and without losing very much square footage.


Unlike a wood burning stove that would be installed permanently in a certain area of the home, an electric fireplace is portable since there is no need to keep it fixed to one area of the home. Electric fireplaces do not have chimneys and can be moved from room to room fairly easily, just like another piece of furniture inside of your home.

Easy to Use

These appliances are easy to use. A flip of a switch and you have warm air flow throughout your room. There are multiple settings on most units, so that you can choose how warm you want it. There is also no cleanup and very little maintenance involved with an electric fireplace.

Drawbacks: Zone Heating

Electric fireplaces will not heat your entire home. They are good for zone heating, but will not be a substitute for your furnace.


While you do get some of the ambience associated with a traditional wood burning fireplace, electric fireplaces are not the real thing. For those that want the smell of burning wood to permeate their home, then an electric fireplace would not be the way to go. With an electric fireplace you will get an artificial flame and artificial logs which for some may not be enough.

Cost to Use

Electric fireplaces run on the electricity from your home. With heavy use you may see your electric bill go up quite a bit. With a wood burning stove, the cost of fuel is simply the wood used to burn, but with an electric fireplace you will need to be aware that like any other electric appliance, such as your washer or dryer, a lot of use can equate into higher bills each month.

Power Outages

As stated, electric fireplaces run on the electricity from your home. In the event of a power outage you would not have the ability to use this appliance to keep warm. In the dead of winter this could be a problem. Again, it is best to think of an electric fireplace as a supplemental heating source and not as a primary source. Don’t rely on an electric fireplace to heat your entire home, but to be a cozy addition that brings you additional warmth and looks attractive in your home.

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