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Upgrading a firepalce

The warmth of your fireplace adds this welcoming feel to your home that’s nowhere but there. You want to keep that focal point up-to-date and look as fresh as possible to keep the area alive and warm. With a little creativity paired with some hard work, you can change the look of your fireplace on whatever budget. Get the look you are after – maybe an eye-catching focal point in your home, a facelift to your existing fireplace, or some personalization in a new home. Ed’s Woodshed has shared some ideas to get you started.

Add Some Paint 

Bold and bright red fireplaces along with natural oak colored wall and trims have been popular in the previous years. This year, cool, crisp greys and whites are popular! Whitewashing your fireplace brick is currently what’s hot!

Go Outside the Box

It’s time to think about the firebox. Think about the space above or around. You can incorporate bookcases, shelves, and even the popular shiplap. You don’t have to fork out tons of money either when you think outside the box!

Turn Brick to Stone

Are you tired of looking at the same drab brick that sits smack in the middle of your family room? Maybe it’s time to forget the brick and opt for an easy and affordable stone solution.

Add a Mantel

Mantels add more space for you to decorate or place things and improve the look of your fireplace. Whether you are looking to add a mantel or improve your existing one, there are a variety of DIY options that are affordable. You can also contact professionals who can help you design it and build it for you. It is a great small project to add value to your home.


The fireplace isn’t just the firebox and mantel. Spice it up with some accessories that match your aesthetic. That could be a giant mirror, some fresh flowers, or personal knick-knacks. There are endless possibilities! The best part is your décor could change as the seasons change, the holidays come and go, or as your room’s décor updates! Add some of these, and your guests will be sure to stop to look in awe.

Replace with a New Model

Update your fireplace by replacing it with a newer one! Ed’s Woodshed has everything: wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and vented fireplaces. Make sure to check out the website to see what option best suits your home.

For more ideas about upgrading your fireplace in Pittsburgh, contact Ed’s Woodshed in Bridgeville to receive full-service assistance on your fireplace needs. Ed’s Woodshed has been serving the Pittsburgh area with high-quality fireplaces for over 35 years. Call Ed’s Woodshed at 412-257-0492 for your fireplace insert needs!

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