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Grilling is a common pastime for many Americans. It brings people together and not to mention that food cooked on a grill has a unique flavor that is hard to replicate when cooking on a stove. If you’ve decided to purchase an outdoor gas grill, then bear in mind that you will want to be educated on the installation process. Knowing what is involved in the installation process and how it can affect the grill that you ultimately decide to purchase is important.

Grill Choice

When deciding on what type of gas grill that you want there are three main factors to consider:

  • Size
  • Space
  • Use

The size of grill that you want shouldn’t be based on aesthetics, appeal and bells and whistles alone. You will want to choose a grill size based on the other factors as well, the space that you have to occupy the grill and how you will use the grill. You will want to measure the space in your outdoor area to determine how large of a grill that you can buy. In addition, the size of the grill should be determined by use. If you are often entertaining for large groups of guests, then a larger grill is more appropriate as opposed to cooking for small groups or your family only. Gas grills also come with many different features, so determining what you cook most often can help you decide which features that you would use and what would come in handy. Also knowing how you cook is an important determining factor as well. Once you determine this and take into account the size, space, and use, then you are ready to pick out the perfect grill for your home.


Gas grill installation should be done by a professional installer. If gas lines need to be routed, safety can become a factor and those not trained to do this may find that the safest bet is to go with an expert. Expert installers also can determine the best location for your gas grill and will ensure that it is convenient, safe and accessible.


Before purchasing your gas grill it is important to check permit requirements in your area. Gas grills that need to be installed may require a permit before use. In addition, in some cases a safety inspector is required to come out and inspect the installation prior to use. If your area requires a permit and you fail to obtain one, this can result in hefty fines.

Do your due diligence before purchasing your gas grill to not only choose the best grill for you, but also to avoid any unnecessary hassles and safety concerns that could ensue if you are not prepared.

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