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Chimney Repair Services

Proper maintenance of your chimney is imperative to the proper function of your fireplace. Even more so, the safety of your family and your home may depend on it. You may be able to do a cursory visual inspection and notice the most common chimney issues. However, Ed’s Woodshed will provide an expert inspection of your chimney and can provide all necessary chimney repairs to maintain your home’s efficiency, but more importantly, keep your family safe from potential chimney fires, smoke and carbon dioxide inhalation, and other unnecessary associated damages that occur due to a lack of maintenance to your chimney. Following an annual inspection of your chimney, common chimney repairs may include:


Cracked Chimney CrownFireplace Installation Services Pittsburgh

Your chimney’s crown is the first defense for your chimney. If there are cracks in the crown water will enter here. Water that has entered here will ultimately freeze. Freezing water is concrete’s enemy! If you catch this wear and tear early enough, our professionals can also seal this area for minor damage to the crown.


Minor Cracks in Brick Mortar Joints

Our professionals will inspect your chimney’s mortar joints. If there are loose bricks or crumbling mortar, this will surely need to be addressed. Replacing loose or damaged bricks is reserved for more extensive damage, but minor damage must also be addressed. Minor cracks in mortar joints can be sealed.


Loose or damaged flashing

If the existing flashing is loose or damaged, Ed’s Woodshed’s professionals will repair or replace in order to prevent any water from entering the chimney system.


Flue Repair

Flues can become damaged or blocked over time, causing build-up and potential fire hazards. Ed’s Woodshed will clean, repair, or replace your flue to minimize these risks.


Water Damage to Masonry

If water has already entered the chimney system, it may have already caused water damage to the interior of your home. This damage can be extensive and often not found until it is too late. Repairing water damage to the interior of your home can be very expensive and should be considered a possible future expense when operating a fireplace


Chimney Liner Services Pittsburgh

Chimney liners give your chimney a better seal, helping it to function properly. Liners will often need to be replaced or repaired. Clay tiles are commonly used in chimneys and these tiles will, over time, crack or even fall off. These can be replaced; however, it is also common for a metal chimney liner to be installed. Ed’s Woodshed can provide either of these chimney repairs. A properly maintained liner can prevent adjacent areas from combustibility; provide proper draft for functionality; and shield the masonry from corrosive byproducts of combustion


According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the majority of chimney fires occur due to dirty chimneys.  When you schedule your chimney sweep, Ed’s Woodshed recommends you also request a chimney inspection to detect any potential chimney repair issues that are present or may soon arise. Do not ignore the signs of a faulty chimney—water damage, smoke entering your home, or crumbling masonry, contact Ed’s Woodshed to have all of your chimney repairs addressed by our professionals



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