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At Ed’s Woodshed, we have a large selection of wood and gas inserts for your existing fireplace and chimney. We also have a beautiful selection of wood and gas stoves. At Ed’s Woodshed, professional installation is guaranteed.

There is no need to hire an electrician or handyman to install the product for you after purchase. Ed’s Woodshed will take care of you from start to finish, so you can concentrate on that first gathering around the fire. It’s time to make memories that will last a lifetime. Relax, cozy up, and dream big. Ed’s Woodshed will do the rest!

Fireplace Insert Installation Pittsburgh

Fireplace Installation PittsburghIf you have a classic wood-burning, open-hearth fireplace and chimney, adding a wood or gas insert is a great way to improve the efficiency of your existing fireplace. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces, while aesthetically pleasing, do not heat a room well because a damper allows smoke, gas, and a significant amount of heat to escape through the chimney.

With a wood or gas insert, you can expect more warmth and longer burner time. The choice ultimately comes down to the level of maintenance and the fuel source you’d prefer.

Wood-Burning Inserts Pittsburgh

There is nothing like tending to a crackling fire of wood fireplaces. But, when you’re losing most of the heat energy through your chimney’s damper, it becomes more work adding logs to the fire and less of a dependable heat source. Today’s advancements in wood insert technology can produce heat for up to 10 hours on one single load of wood.

This means installing a wood-burning insert will provide an excellent heat source and help you conserve wood. Many of today’s wood inserts are EPA-certified, so they release minimal amounts of pollutants and use as much of the wood’s BTU energy as possible – all while reducing ash and clean-up. Upgrading to a wood-burning insert means you can continue to enjoy the ambiance of the crackling fire, save on energy costs and conserve your fuel source.

Gas Fireplace Inserts Pittsburgh

Gas inserts have grown in popularity because of the sheer ease of flipping a switch or pressing a remote control to light a fire. Gas inserts are fueled by natural gas or liquid propane, so these options do not require wood. There is no need to tend a fire, nor is there any ash produced that requires clean-up. Depending on the type of gas fireplace insert you choose, installation will require a gas line and some possible electrical work. But don’t fret, Ed’s Woodshed can do that!

Gas Line & Electrical Installation Pittsburgh

Ed’s Woodshed is a one-stop-shop for fireplace installation. You do not need any outside parties to assist in the installation – we handle everything! We will install all necessary gas lines or wiring needed for electric fireplace inserts and gas burning fireplaces. We will determine the safest, economical, and most attractive installation options for your home. Better yet, a typical installation can be completed within one day!

Wood or Gas Stove Installation Pittsburgh

Installing a wood stove or gas stove in your home is easier than you think. Whether you want to modify your existing open-hearth fireplace or you’d like to install it in an area that lacks a chimney, both options can be completed by one of our Ed’s Woodshed technicians supporting Pittsburgh pa, and surrounding areas!

Most gas and wood-burning stoves require a heat-resistant base and some require stovepipe installation. No matter which stove you choose, we will handle the details so you can think about cozying up and relaxing near your new heated stove!


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