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In addition to selling the leading and best hearth products in the industry, Ed’s Woodshed provides maintenance services to your chimney. Below is a list of the available services. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or to get your quote today! We pride ourselves on quality services you can trust, and look forward to serving you soon.

  • Chimney Inspection Pittsburgh – Chimney Sweep – Chimney Cleaning, Integrating time-tested techniques, safety inspections, and new technologies, Ed’s Woodshed will give your chimney a perfect clean every time. At Piccadilly Chimney Sweep, chimney inspection and a chimney cleaning are both important steps in maintaining a safe heating system. Flammable and foul-smelling creosote deposits can be removed, thereby preventing potential fire hazards. Water damage can also be discovered and treated before resulting in costly damage to your chimney structure or home.
  • Chimney Repair Pittsburgh –  Ed’s Woodshed can repair your existing chimney if major problems are found, including smoke concerns, water leaks, and cold air.
  • Flue Repair – Flues can become damaged or blocked over time, causing build-up and potential fire hazards. Piccadilly Chimney can clean, repair, or replace your flue to minimize these risks.
  • Chimney – Firebox Pointing Pittsburgh – Loose bricks in your chimney indicate the need for repointing. Repointing will make your chimney stronger and safer for you and your family, as well as visually more appealing.
  • Chimney Liner – Chimney liners give your chimney a better seal, helping it to function properly.
  • Chimney Caps – Over time, a chimney cap can rust. Replacing your chimney cap periodically will help it to perform correctly, and will keep out water which causes erosion and mold. Chimney caps also deny entry to rain, animals, and debris.
Chimney Maintenance Pittsburgh


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