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Gas Inserts


Why switch to a fireplace outfitted with a gas insert?

No one will dispute the beautiful ambiance that a wood burning fire provides. The aromatics, the crackle of a log, and even the relatively small expense associated with burning wood. A cold winter night longs for the glow of a wood burning fire. To be sure, these are great features; just be certain to bundle up the next time you retrieve the wood; keep the vacuum nearby, and have your yearly inspections.  Many believe the trade-off is well worth the benefits and it is difficult to argue against. There is a great alternative for those with fast-paced lives that choose to do without the maintenance—gas insert.

Why a gas insert?

Life in the 2010’s has become very face paced. A fireplace fitted with a gas insert provides for an instantaneous and efficient heat source. While you may be missing out on what wood brings to the table, you may soon find that those benefits are quickly replaced by the benefits of a gas insert.  Aside from the almost zero maintenance required for upkeep (through an annual service call is recommended), a gas insert will allow you far greater control over zone heating. Set a thermostat and be done; No shuffling or adding logs to increase heat is required. Further, the air you will breath will be cleaner. The air is cleanest when a vented gas insert is chosen.

  • Direct vent gas insert: Outside air is drawn into the gas insert while exhaust and combustion fumes are vented up and out of the chimney. Though less efficient than a ventless gas insert, these are a respectable 60%-80% efficient. Compared with less than 10%-30% for a traditional wood burning fireplace, it is quite a difference.
  • Ventless gas insert: These are more energy efficient, but less safe because heat does not escape up the chimney and out of the house. Instead, all fire exhaust and combustion byproducts remain in the house. While they may be 92%-99% efficient, they need to be monitored.


Gas Logs in Pittsburgh

Less efficient but equally attractive, the gas log can be a great option for many seeking a warmth-providing device that maintains the beautiful ambiance a traditional fireplace provides. About equal in efficiency with a traditional fireplace, a gas log can be installed in an existing wood-burning fireplace. The fireplace must be in good working order and be able to vent properly.  Instant fire at the flip of a switch, or even better, by use of a remote control.

Gas logs are significantly less in price than a gas insert, though they will not produce the heat that a gas insert does, or has the potential to produce. The gas logs still need to be professionally installed to ensure proper venting.

If your interest in your traditional wood-burning fireplace is waning, due to any number of reasons, maybe you should consider one of the gas options that Ed’s Woodshed can install and service for you.  You may want to start small with a gas log or go all in with a gas insert, either way, contact one of your professionals and we can talk you through your decision.

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