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Wood Stove vs. Wood Burning Fireplace

If you’re thinking about adding a wood burning stove or fireplace to your Pittsburgh home, there are many points to consider. Both heat sources have their advantages and disadvantages when compared to one another, so it’s important to consider your design taste, lifestyle, and intentions for use as you contemplate which one is right for … Continue reading “Wood Stove vs. Wood Burning Fireplace”

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How Do Electric Fireplaces Make Flames?

You may be considering adding a fireplace to your home for extra warmth and ambiance in the cool of fall and the dredges of winter; however, you might not want the extra work of fueling a fire with wood or cleaning up the mess that a real fire makes. So what should you do?

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Why Summer is the Best Time to Install a Fireplace

With temperatures rising and summer weather on the horizon, it might be difficult to think about preparing your home for the coming winter, but there are several advantages to planning and scheduling a  wood or gas fireplace installation during the summer months:

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Fireplace Safety Tips for Apartments

Safely using your old or new fireplace in your Pittsburgh apartment. Pittsburgh has a huge selection of older homes transformed into apartment dwellings. Grand Victorians, two-story American Foursquares and row houses dominate many of the city and suburban neighborhoods, where single-family homes now meet multi-unit rentals. Many of the charming buildings still include beautiful, working … Continue reading “Fireplace Safety Tips for Apartments”

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Setting Up Your New Fireplace

Pittsburgh Fireplace Installation User’s Guide Congratulations! Your new gas fireplace installation is complete. Time to invite the family over and dazzle them with this beautiful addition to your home, right? Not quite. Much like your outdoor grill and kitchen oven, your fireplace is made with various paints and oils that need to bake off or … Continue reading “Setting Up Your New Fireplace”

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How to Clean a Fireplace Insert

A guide to Pittsburgh fireplace maintenance. Keeping the bricks inside your fireplace is important for three good reasons: aesthetic, cleanliness and air-quality control. While cleaning a fireplace hearth is known to be a cumbersome task, it’s a task shouldn’t be overlooked by homeowners. As the residents of West Pennsylvania succumb to the frigid temps of … Continue reading “How to Clean a Fireplace Insert”

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Which Firewood Should I Buy?

Tips for your Pittsburgh fireplace and wood-burning stove. Residents of Pittsburgh love their fireplaces and wood-burning stoves because they’re efficient and practical for warming a home during the winter months. While some folks toss in wood logs at random, others know there are certain types of woods that burn better than others. And, while wood … Continue reading “Which Firewood Should I Buy?”

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Best Fireplaces for New Homes

Fireplace installation for Pittsburgh’s new construction boom. If you live in the Greater Pittsburgh area, then you’ve noticed an influx in new housing plans and customized homes popping up everywhere. From neighborhood to neighborhood, many residents are opting to build a new home versus purchase an existing one. With that, comes a ton of customizable … Continue reading “Best Fireplaces for New Homes”

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What to Consider When Installing a Fireplace

A Guide to Pittsburgh Fireplace Installation Ed’s Woodshed knows there is simply nothing quite like cozying up next to a warm, roaring fire. Fires are so relaxing you can go as far as downloading an App on your smart-tv and watch hours upon hours of a cracking, wood-burning fireplace – just to create a tranquil … Continue reading “What to Consider When Installing a Fireplace”

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Can I Have a Fireplace Without a Chimney?

Pittsburgh Fireplaces options for your home As fast as summer has come and gone, winter will be here before you know it! There is simply nothing more relaxing than the glow of warm embers burning in a fireplace. It adds ambiance to a room that is insurmountable and adds heat to your home that is … Continue reading “Can I Have a Fireplace Without a Chimney?”

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