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One of the oldest manufacturers in the fireplace business, Majestic is dedicated to offering products that are not only safe, dependable, and attractive, but also efficient and beneficial to homeowners. For over a century, Majestic has received and maintained the trust of its clients, realizing that the trait is earned, not given. The company created its first factory-built fireplace in 1930 and has continued to design and improve models ever since. Majestic personnel adhere to strict engineering guidelines and thoroughly test their products for reliability and durability. Majestic realizes that fireplaces are the number one desired decorative appearance products in a new home, so offers a wide array of models for individual tastes. While adding ambiance to a room, fireplaces can also add up to $5000 monetary value to a home. The company knows the importance of providing a striking and prominent look in your home and offers top quality products that will achieve just that. Ed’s Woodshed carries wood burning and vented fireplaces.


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