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Gas Line Services Pittsburgh

The temperatures in Pittsburgh regularly dip to extreme lows during the winter and there are no signs of Gas Lines for Fireplaces Pittsburghthis going away, global warming or not. If you are visiting Ed’s Woodshed, you are already considering a fireplace or improvements on your current fireplace. If you already have a wood-burning fireplace, you know all too well the inconveniences associated with it. Whether it is the mess, smoke, labor, there is a way to avoid these hassles. The most common solution is to install a gas insert and be done with wood. The benefits of a wood fire without all the work.

You may have even decided to switch to gas in the past but have been discouraged because you felt you had no way to connect an insert to a gas line.  So you threw in the towel, along with the logs. Alas, there is a solution!  Ed’s Woodshed offers full-service installation of all necessary gas lines to connect to your gas insert.

There are two options when choosing a gas fireplace—Vented or Ventless

Vented Fireplaces Pittsburgh

A vented model requires feeding a damper up and out of the chimney to expel harmful fumes. Though a vented model will not provide a remote control option, they will provide the most natural looking logs and will burn much cleaner. Also, compared to a ventless gas insert, some of the heat produced will escape through the vent and out the chimney.

Ventless Fireplaces Pittsburgh

A ventless model will generate more heat than a vented model and allow you to use a remote control for those exhausting nights. Since this gas fireplace does not have a vent, the warm air has nowhere else to go but in.  Along the same line, this model is not as efficient at removing fumes created by combustion and will eventually leave some of them in the house as well as leaving behind residue on your walls several years later.

Gas Line Installation Pittsburgh

Following your thoughtful decision on which model you prefer, Ed’s Woodshed will install all necessary gas lines. We can run the lines through the inside or outside of the house. We will determine the best option regarding installation that will be safest, economical, and attractive. The typical installation will be completed within a day and you will be enjoying the toasty fire without the hassle.


If you think a gas-powered fireplace is a viable option, call Ed’s Woodshed (412) 257-0492 so we can inspect and advise on this service. Don’t wait until spring when you can be enjoying that fire now.


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