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New fireplace installation

If your home doesn’t currently have a fireplace, you can install one in an existing wall. With successful planning and execution by our fireplace installation experts, your Pittsburgh home can be outfitted with a fireplace.

Add style and comfort to your home and warm up by the fireplace during those chill Pittsburgh winters with Ed’s Woodshed!

What Do I Need to Know Before My Fireplace Installation?

Check Your Area’s Building Codes

Before you have a fireplace installed, we recommend that you check your area’s building code before building. Your state and local authorities may have different rules when it comes to fireplace installation. By looking up the building code in your area, you can learn the instructions and rules surrounding fireplace installation. These regulations will tell you, for example, how high the chimney needs to be or if you can have a wood-burning fireplace.

Not following these regulations can lead to a fine or being stopped from using your fireplace after investing in it.

In addition to understanding the building codes in your area, you also need to know the area’s electrical codes. While fireplaces do not rely heavily on electricity, if you plan to install accessories such as a blower, you will need to understand the electrical codes that apply to fireplace installation.

Choose the Right Fireplace for Your Home

With so many different types of fireplaces out there, it is crucial to choose the right type for your home. You may want a modern-style fireplace that runs on gas or is wood-burning, or you may want to opt for a traditional fireplace with a chimney.

Modern fireplaces can typically be installed within a few days, whereas a stone or masonry fireplace is a much bigger undertaking.

At Ed’s Woodshed, our expert team can help you find the right fireplace for your home. We will help you find the right build, style, design, and size to suit your needs.

Choose the Location of the Fireplace

Since your home didn’t previously have a fireplace, you will need to determine the best location within the home to install your fireplace. Where you place your fireplace will also depend on the type of fireplace you choose.

For example, many small gas fireplaces can fit into almost any space within the home, while wood-burning fireplaces will likely need to be installed on an outside wall.

Fireplace Installation Services in Pittsburgh

At Ed’s Woodshed, our experts can install a fireplace in your home, even if you don’t have an existing fireplace. Our team will help you choose the right fireplace to meet your needs and keep you cozy in the colder months. Contact us today to get started!

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