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Chimney sweep cleaning

Don’t let smoke, debris, and heat escape through your chimney walls! A chimney liner is the solution to reducing risk, improving energy efficiency, and keeping your home safe.

Without a liner, you’re putting your home at increased risk of fire and other health hazards. Plus, there’s the constant danger of carbon monoxide and other dangerous fumes entering your living space.

Why is a Chimney Liner Important?

chimney liner can help reduce the risk of smoke and debris entering your home and prevent heat from escaping through the chimney walls, which helps improve energy efficiency. Without a liner, there is an increased risk of fire and other health hazards. A chimney liner will work to keep carbon monoxide and other dangerous fumes from entering the home. 

With a chimney liner, you can also reduce soot and creosote buildup, making the chimney safer. Additionally, if your chimney is constantly exposed to the fire’s heat, smoke, and gases, it will erode the structure of the chimney.

Why Should I Have My Current Chimney Liner Checked?

Harsh weather conditions can wreak havoc on chimneys, especially during the winter, end of fall, and beginning of spring when temperatures fluctuate.

If your stone, brick, tile, or metal liner has suffered damage from the weather or the passage of time, prompt replacement may be necessary. It’s worth noting that many older Pittsburgh homes lack chimney liners altogether, as they were not developed until the 1940s. To ensure the appropriate precautions are taken, trust a professional chimney sweep to complete a thorough inspection.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Chimney Inspection Company

When deciding whether your home needs a new chimney liner installed, the best thing to do is contact an expert in fireplace care, like Ed’s Woodshed. We can assess the condition of your existing liner and provide recommendations on the best course of action. If we determine that an installation is needed, we can take care of the entire chimney liner installation process from start to finish, ensuring your home meets all safety standards.

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