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Bridgeville, PA, October 8, 2017: In honor of Fire Prevention Week, Ed’s Woodshed is spreading the word about chimney fires. Per the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 30% of house fires from 2009-2013 were primarily caused by a dirty chimney. Ed’s Woodshed wants to educate their friends and neighbors about the important of scheduling an annual chimney sweep.

“People often overlook the hazards of a dirty chimney,” says Tracy Hall Walnoha of Ed’s Woodshed, “if you have a fireplace and plan on using it – even just once – you should absolutely schedule a chimney inspection.

Chimney fires are caused by the buildup of a blackish brown residue called Creosote. This sticky, crusty or flakey soot consists of carbon and can easily combust creating a chimney fire. Not only can your fireplace collapse causing structural damage, it can create a house fire putting your family, tenants or pets in serious danger.

                “There’s the saying, ‘Don’t play with fire’. Fire Prevention Week is about reminding people that every second counts. This is about life or death. We get a flu shot every year to prevent the flu. Why not do everything possible to prevent a house fire?”, Jim Walnoha, Owner of Ed’s Woodshed.

Observed on October. 8-14, 2017, Fire Prevention Week is recognized annually during the second week October. Prevent chimney fires by scheduling an annual chimney inspection with a CSA Certified Chimney Sweep. Ed’s Woodshed is CSA Certified and specializes in commercial and residential chimney work, wood burning and gas fireplaces, gas grills, we are located in the heart of the South Hills in Bridgeville, PA.

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