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When investing in a fireplace, you want to make sure it provides the warmth, comfort, and ambiance that you desire.  Fireplaces do not come one size fits all. There are many factors that go into choosing the right one for your home, including a budget, size, and location.  The ones we will focus on in this blog are the type of fuels, styles, and the mantel/surround.

Types of Fireplace Fuel

Let’s learn more about the three main types of fuel used in fireplaces today.


Wood-burning fireplaces are what many people think of when picturing a warm, crackling fireplace to cozy up to.  Wood fires are easy to start if your chimney is functioning properly and your firewood is properly seasoned.  As a renewable resource, wood is easy to find, but it does come with the inconvenience of chopping (or buying), hauling, stacking and storing.  Using a wood-burning fireplace relieves your furnace of some of the work and can reduce your fuel bill by 30 percent.  If you are looking for an eco-friendly choice, consider those fireplaces that are high efficiency and have EPA certification.


Due to their convenience, gas fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular.  With the push of a button, you can light your fireplace and even set the desired temperature.  Many homeowners enjoy the cleaner burn, which leaves less mess in the fireplace, and not dealing with the hassle of wood.  Considered more eco-friendly than wood, natural gas is still a nonrenewable resource and can be poisonous if too much is released into the air.


Ease and convenience are what you’ll find with electric fireplaces.  If having a real flame and aroma of a traditional wood-burning fireplace is not a priority, then electricity maybe your fuel of choice.  Many homeowners choose this type of fireplace for safety reasons—no real flame, stay cool surface options, and safety switches.  With electricity, you can plug in your fireplace and flip a switch for instant heat and ambiance.  There is no wood, chimney, venting or gas line required.


Choosing the style of your fireplace—traditional or linear—will depend on what you are familiar with and the look you are trying to achieve.
  • Traditional – this style which features an opening in your wall, surrounded by masonry and topped with a wood mantel, a flue, and a chimney, is probably what you are most familiar with.  Wood is the common fuel used with this style, but it can also be converted to a gas-burning fireplace.
  • Linear – often referred to as a contemporary or rectangular fireplace, this trendy style is not limited by a traditional fireplace design. This gas fireplace provides a wide flame and illuminated glass. Linear fireplaces can connect two rooms, line an entire wall, or be shared by an indoor and outdoor space.


While the fireplace may do much of the work producing heat and creating a wonderful ambiance, the mantel and surround will provide the finishing touches for your room’s centerpiece.  Choose a mantle that blends with your space and ties in your décor.  A surround will add even more character to your fireplace with choices of stone—marble, granite, and slate.

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