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Chimney Inspections Pittsburgh

As Pittsburgh begins to thaw from a long winter, it is finally time to start spring cleaning. While you begin your annual spring cleaning chores, it is important to also consider having your chimney inspected and cleaned. Winter can be hard on your home and can cause damage to parts of your roof such as your chimney. Chimney inspection Pittsburgh is important to ensure safe operation of your fireplace or wood stove so you can stay warm for next winter.

How Winter Weather Can Damage Your Chimney

Moisture is your chimney’s worst enemy, especially in the winter. Moisture from the snow and ice gets inside of the mortar and as it freezes and thaws, it expands and contracts. This cycle causes the stones and bricks to move, damaging the chimney and potentially causing the face of the masonry to break off. As the masonry begins to suffer this damage, it can cause the chimney to lean and possibly collapse if left unrepaired.

Spring Inspections Help Catch Damage in Early Stages

Not all winter damage can be seen from the ground which is why a professional chimney inspection Pittsburgh is important. By using a professional, like Ed’s Woodshed, your chimney can be inspected safely and with the proper equipment. Our experts have a trained eye to see signs of damage you may not see. Common chimney damage includes:

  • Cracked chimney crown- At the very top of the chimney, this piece is very vulnerable to the weather and is typically made of cement that will often crack.
  • Damaged metal flashing– Located where the rooftop meets the chimney, this flashing can be very susceptible to moisture causing rust which then leads to chimney leaks. These leaks can cause damage to your roof if left unrepaired.
  • Flue damage– The flue is used to protect combustible parts of the home from the heat of the chimney. Moisture that enters the flue will mix with the creosote. This mixture will cause accelerated deterioration in the flue. Even a small crack in the flue could cause an intense house fire.

Creosote also builds up if you use your chimney and wood stove frequently throughout the winter months. It is important to have this cleaned out regularly to avoid dangerous build up. Regular chimney maintenance in Pittsburgh is crucial to ensure safe and efficient operation throughout the winter months.

Don’t leave yourself in the cold next winter with a chimney that is damaged or in need of maintenance. Contact the professionals at Ed’s Woodshed today to schedule your chimney inspection Pittsburgh.

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