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Outdoor Fireplace

Finally! After waiting for some time, your outdoor fireplace is finally installed. The attractive addition to your patio can now create a warm and welcoming atmosphere outside! Before inviting some friends over to enjoy the warmth, make sure to review our tips for safe use for outdoor fireplaces near you.

Use a Fireplace Screen

Fireplace screens are a physical barrier that can keep dangerous sparks or embers from entering your fireplace. Additionally, they can keep your kids, pets, and guests from getting burnt. It also acts as a deterrent from throwing things like cigarette butts into the fire.

Never Leave the Fire Unattended

Your outdoor fireplace can create a relaxing ambiance, but it only takes a few seconds for something to potentially go wrong. Make sure someone always has an eye on the fire!

Keep Debris and Waste Away

Make sure your fireplace is surrounded by a 10-foot area of cleared yard space on all sides to ensure no yard debris can pose a fire hazard.
You will want to be sure to prune any low-hanging branches or shrubs near your fireplace as well.

Keep Children, Pets, and Flammable Materials 3 Feet Away

It is important for children and pets to stay at least 3 feet away from the outdoor fireplace at all times to ensure they don’t get burnt or touch the fire.

This also goes for patio furniture or anything flammable. Make sure it’s 3 feet away from the fireplace.

Use Appropriately Sized Logs

Use logs that fit comfortably into your fireplace. All kindling, logs, or other materials you plan to burn should fit completely into your fireplace.
Don’t burn anything other than your intended fuel or kindling. Other materials can release toxins into the air when burned.

Keep Emergency Supplies Nearby

Just in case your fire grows too large or escapes your fireplace, you’ll want to have supplies you can access quickly. This can be buckets of water, a hose, or a fire extinguisher.

Avoid Using Lighter Fluid and Other Accelerants

Gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, and other accelerants are unsafe. They can cause the fire to quickly get out of control. It is generally safe to use fire starters.

Store Firewood Away From Fireplace

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends storing firewood 30 feet away from structures like your home, shed, or patio. This is to minimize fire risk. If you have a smaller yard, put the firewood as far as possible from structures and fire features.

Always Extinguish Your Fire

Most people either let the fire die down or pour one or two buckets of water to put a fire out. Neither of these methods are 100% effective.
The best way to put your fire out is to let it use the natural fuel and burn out. Once the flames have gone out, safely spread the ashes around to cool before slowly pouring a small amount of water on the ashes to put out any embers you may have missed. Continue to pour water on the ashes until no more steam comes from them.

Regularly Clean and Maintain Your Fireplace

Ed’s Woodshed recommends having your chimney professionally inspected and cleaned every year. This inspection should include checking your outdoor firebox for structural integrity, cracks, and damage.

They also recommend clearing the ashes from previous fires before lighting a new one and that your fire screens are regularly cleaned.

For more information about safety tips for outdoor fireplaces near you in Pittsburgh, contact Ed’s Woodshed in Bridgeville to receive full-service assistance on choosing your outdoor fireplace. Ed’s Woodshed has been serving the Pittsburgh area its high-quality fireplaces for over 35 years. Call Ed’s Woodshed at 412-257-0492 for your outdoor fireplace purchase!

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