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Pittsburgh Fireplace Installation User’s Guide

Congratulations! Your new gas fireplace installation is complete. Time to invite the family over and dazzle them with this beautiful addition to your home, right? Not quite. Much like your outdoor grill and kitchen oven, your fireplace is made with various paints and oils that need to bake off or cure before you use it. Overlooking this important step means your fireplace will give off a foul odor that will fill your home when you try to burn. The Pittsburgh fireplace installation experts at Ed’s Woodshed are sharing an “At-A-Glance” user’s guide for running through one of the most important cycles for your new fireplace.

Before we begin, we’d like to note curing a fireplace takes at least 9-11
hours. So, plan your day accordingly and be sure an adult is always in the home overseeing the curing process.

Step 1: Open windows and doors.

Creating cross-ventilation in the house is the first step to take before curing your fireplace. If you have overhead fans and other types of ventilation, utilize those as well. Curing a fireplace can produce a strong odor in your home, so do your best to prepare for removing it.

Step 2: Choose the “High-Heat” Setting

Turn your gas fireplace or insert on the highest setting. Once the burn-off begins, you’re likely to see a bit of white smoke accompanied by a strong odor. This is NOT a leak or exhaust issue, rather the beginning signs of curing.

Step 3: Burn for Three Hours

Let the curing cycle run for three hours and turn the unit off, allowing it to cool completely.

Step 4: And, Burn Some More!

After the cooling is complete, turn it back to high and burn for another 6-8 hours.

Step 5: Time for a Fire!

After what seemed like twelve long hours, you’re now ready for years of enjoyment around your new gas fireplace or insert! So, flip the switch or tap the remote, and cozy up for a lifetime of memories!

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