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There is no doubt that having a fireplace brings an instant feeling of warmth and coziness to your home.  Who doesn’t enjoy sitting by a warm crackling fire, while reading a book and sipping hot chocolate?  Unfortunately, for those of us who do not already have a built-in fireplace, it can be quite expensive to install one.

Fortunately, there is a less expensive alternative with many of the same great benefits.  A freestanding fireplace, or stand-alone, is just that— it is freestanding; therefore, it doesn’t have to be built into a home.  This is an appealing option for those wanting to add a fireplace to their Pittsburgh home, without the expense and the mess.  But is it right for you? Before making that decision, here are a few things you need to consider.


What do you want out of your fireplace?  Is it simply to warm your home or to add a bit of ambiance?  Or are you looking for an addition that will add value to your home?  If it is the latter, even though it can be costly, having a traditional fireplace built into your home will provide you with a return on investment should you plan to sell your home?  If you are looking to add a fireplace for your own comfort and enjoyment, then purchasing a freestanding fireplace for your Pittsburgh home would be the most cost-effective option.


Even though freestanding fireplaces are easier to install than traditional built-in fireplaces, there is some installation required.  Depending on the type of freestanding fireplace you are considering, it will determine whether or not you will need a chimney pipe installed.  If you go with a ventless or electric model, then you will not need a chimney.

With freestanding fireplaces, you also have more flexibility with the actual location in your home.  Whether it is being used for warmth or to add coziness to a particular room, you can choose where it best suits you.


If you are working within a budget, cost will definitely be a factor in your decision making.  Freestanding fireplaces in Pittsburgh are typically 30-40% of the cost of installing a built-in fireplace.  Plus, if you do not need to have a chimney installed with your freestanding fireplace, you could save even more money.


When it comes to the aesthetic value of a home, built-in fireplaces are hard to beat.  So, if you are looking to add value to your home, then you will need to incur the costs of having a traditional fireplace installed.  Good news is that if you are not willing to take on the cost and installation of a built-in, there are plenty of options available today that come pretty close to the appearance of a traditional stone fireplace.

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