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Electric Fireplace

It can be frustrating to deal with electronic or appliance malfunctions, and in many cases, these malfunctions seem to happen at the worst time. If you are having issues with your electric fireplace, there are several ways to troubleshoot and resolve issues with your electric fireplace.

At Ed’s Woodshed, we’ve put together a list of the most common electric fireplace issues and how you can resolve them.

The fireplace comes on, but there is no heat

If this happens, we recommend turning all switches to the off position. Then unplug the unit, and wait for at lear five minutes. After five minutes, you can plug the unit back in, power it on, and try again.

The fireplace ember bed is glowing with no flame present.

Go to the back of the unit and open the back panel. Check to make sure the spinner spindle is still connected to the motor. You also need to make sure the flame generator drive motor is running. If the drive motor is not running, be sure to contact customer service or the experts at Ed’s Woodshed for professional assistance.

The flame is working, but there is no warm air.

We recommend checking to see if the mechanical thermostat knob is set at the highest setting.

The electric fireplace shuts itself off.

In this case, try replacing the remote control to prevent this issue.

When you turn on the fireplace, the circuit breaker trips or blows a fuse.

In this case, you are dealing with a wire that has short-circuited. You should either plug the unit into a different outlet or have a 15-amp circuit installed that is dedicated to the fireplace.

The fireplace is producing a strange smell.

You are either experiencing an electrical overload, or you have a dirty chimney if there is too much noise coming from the fireplace.

You hear excessive noise coming from the fireplace.

If you are hearing a lot of noise coming from the unit, then it is likely that it is dirty or defective. Check to make sure that the log cavity and the intake louvers are clean with no dust or dirt present.

You see the logs, ember beds, or flames glowing dimly.

Dim light can be caused by a loose connection in the wiring. You may need to replace some connections.

Fireplace Repair and Installation in Pittsburgh

At Ed’s Woodshed, we can help repair your electric fireplace in your Pittsburgh home, or we can help you find a suitable replacement based on your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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