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If you’re thinking about adding a wood burning stove or fireplace to your Pittsburgh home, there are many points to consider. Both heat sources have their advantages and disadvantages when compared to one another, so it’s important to consider your design taste, lifestyle, and intentions for use as you contemplate which one is right for your home.

Wood Burning Fireplace


  • A wood burning fireplace instantly adds a centerpiece with custom character and an inviting ambiance of warmth and comfort to any home.
  • A variety of materials such as marble, stone, brick, and wood can be used and combined in the construction of a fireplace. The finished product is as unique as the homeowner and the home itself.


  • Wood burning byproducts can build up inside the chimney walls and create a serious fire hazard.
  • If screens or doors are not used while you’re burning a fire, sparks and embers can easily escape and hurt someone or do significant damage to property.
  • A low efficiency heat source-most of the heat generated by the fire escapes through the chimney.

Wood Burning Stove


  • Wood burning stoves come in a wide variety of styles that can accent the decor of almost any home.
  • An EPA certified wood burning stove clears away wood burning byproducts efficiently, greatly reducing the fire hazard that this buildup can create in a traditional chimney.
  • Glass doors prevent sparks and embers from escaping and burning a person or causing damage to the home.
  • Excellent heat source-uses ⅓ of the wood that fireplaces use and generates 3X the amount of heat
  • Great heat supplement-can significantly reduce gas bills throughout the winter months
  • Release minimal harmful emissions


  • Glass doors enclose the fire in the stove, so the smell, feel, and sight of the flames isn’t the same as in an open fireplace.
  • Not entirely customizable. There are a finite number of styles from which to choose.

Aside from these points, budget is always a key factor in which type of heating element you choose. No matter which one you select, a stove or fireplace will give your home a warm glow and a cozy feeling that will bring joy to family and friends all winter.

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