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When grilling season kicks off everyone is ready for cookouts and delicious grilled food. Ready to get grilling? Here are some tips that will make you the grill master at your next cookout. There are two styles of grilling you can choose from when cooking with a Napoleon Grill, direct and indirect grilling.

Direct grilling is a high heat style of grilling that is ideal for searing and perfect for cooking small or thin slices of food such as chops, chicken, fish fillets, and vegetables. To set up for this type of cooking you will need to turn on the burners that you will be cooking on, on high. For a charcoal set up you will want an evenly spread layer of charcoal around the appropriate area. With direct grilling you will want to make sure you turn the food often, to avoid it being burned. Also as this is a faster and hotter way of grilling you will need to pay attention or the food at all times to prevent burning and scorching.

Indirect grilling works by cooking the food away from the heat source. This grilling style is ideal for cooking larger foods, such as ribs, that would be burned by direct grilling. For a gas grill all you need to do is turn on the burners further away from the food but a charcoal grill can be a little trickier. With a charcoal grill you want to set up the charcoal on the side of the grill and leave the inner space clear for food. One tip to help with this is to place a pan in the middle of the grill to prevent coals from sliding into the middle and burning your food. A positive side to indirect grilling is that there are no flare-ups. Also, Napoleon Grills are great for this type of cooking because closing the lid will help to create an oven affect when cooking.

Knowing both grilling styles can help you to create a perfect meal for your cookout. No matter what grilling style you use with these tips, you can be a pro at your next event.

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