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Planning a Labor Day Party-Ideas for the Grill

With summer just days from ending, so begins Labor Day party planning. As vegie gardens and farm stands overflow with tomatoes, zucchini and sweet corn, now is the time to start perusing your favorite recipe blog for late summer grilling recipes. But if your grill has seen better days, it may be time to part with it. This August, the Pittsburgh grilling enthusiasts at Ed’s Woodshed share some of their entertaining tips and a good reason you may want to buy a new grill. So, get you’re grilling tongs ready for the last hurrah and throw the proper farewell to the summer of 2017.

Be prepared! Don’t spend your party prepping for the main course. Marinate your chicken ahead of time, slice your onions and peppers and pre-clean your grill before guests arrive. A party is a social gathering. Don’t spend your party alone in your kitchen! Prepare what you can before company comes and spend quality time with them!

Mix it up. As more and more people are moving towards healthy food choices. Live a little and try something new and fun! Barbecuing is the perfect time to experiment with different foods. Make Caribbean favorite Moho barbecue Sauce, dress up your butter game by adding some adobe sauce from your favorite jar of chipotle peppers or serve papaya instead of watermelon. Most importantly don’t forget about diet preferences or food sensitives. Consider options that will satisfy any craving.

Decorate. Besides the start of football season, everyone looks forward to the end of summer for the great seasonal sales! Home improvement stores, department stores and other retailers are starting to clear the patio sections for holiday lights and snow blowers. Buy leftover porch lights, festive seat cushions and tiki torches and go all out for your Labor Party. Once the party is over, store your new items next year!

Buy a New Grill. Much like having new décor, wouldn’t it be nice to start barbecue season off with an unused grill? Most gas grills have porcelain-coated grates that are resistant to rust, unless they are chipped. Chipped grates lead to corrosion, which mean you end up consuming some when you eat. These grates are expensive to replace, so if you’ve got a good amount of use out of your grill it may be worth buying new.

At Ed’s Woodshed, we are fully stocked with quality grills like Vermont Castings. No matter the size of your entertaining space, we have everything you need for intimate gatherings to neighborhood barbecues. Call or visit us at our Bridgeville, PA location, just 14 miles south of Pittsburgh. Call 412-257-0492.

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