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It’s time to deck your halls! As we get closer to the most wonderful time of the year, you’ll be wondering about ways to get in the holiday spirit. Your fireplace mantel is a great place to start when decorating for the holidays. It’s a small space with tons of potential. Starting simple with a strand of garland and then maybe adding some ribbons, your mantel can turn into a magical Christmas village!

Ed’s Woodshed suggests these mantel decorating tips for fireplace installations near you:

Unique Color Scheme

Add some new colors to your holiday palette! For your whimsical mantel display, put a stylish twist on the traditional holiday color scheme. Instead of the normal red and green, try silver, crisp white, and purple for a festive feel. Silver accents are a lovely add to your vintage-inspired mantel display. Use a cream and black color combination feel, or maybe metallics for some glam. You could even go with an all-white display for an in-home winter wonderland!

Colored Glass

Perfect for a sophisticated look, colored glass is the way to go. The simplicity of pairing colorful glass with candles creates an elegant display for your mantel. The glass catches the light for a natural feel that is not too over the top. It also provides an opportunity to decorate with what you may already have. Before discarding your glass bottles, vessels, or vases, consider repurposing them into a pretty holiday ensemble!

Seasonal Plants

Bring some extra life to your indoor winter décor with some amaryllis and paperwhites. These seasonal plants will add to your holiday vibe and provide a colorful surprise to your red and green color scheme. You could also incorporate some holiday favorites like poinsettias, holly, or even mistletoe to your mantel display.

Nostalgia with Retro Elements

Sometimes less can be more. Create a mantel display with the charm of an old-time Christmas that brings back the memories of your childhood. Incorporate some seasonally appropriate vintage figurines, candles, and some red and white decorations to finish off your look!


One of the best mantel displays are those with greenery. Rather simple, paring some holly or cranberries with garland and tinsel can create an appealing aesthetic on your mantel. You could even intertwine some lights with the garland to add some twinkle.

Everlasting Holiday Décor

A classic paper link garland is perfect for your holiday mantel display. All you need is some holiday-themed scrapbooking paper to start your fun project. These crafts are great for keeping your kids busy during the holiday months. You can have them make a paper link garland or even a wreath. To finalize your mantel display, maybe create some easy fill ornaments!

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