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Power Outage

Depending on the season, power failures can cause your home to get cold fast. Standard household heating requires power to function properly. During the next power outage, ensure your family stays warm.

Nearly 50% of households are not prepped for long-standing power outages. It’s important to have an emergency supply kit for your family safe and warm during power outages.

Your emergency kit should have:

  • Flashlights
  • AA battery-powered cell phone charger
  • Fully stocked first aid kit
  • Long-burning candles
  • Box of matches or a lighter
  • Battery operated radio
  • Extra batteries for a phone charger, flashlight, and fireplace battery backup
  • Cash for emergency purchases $50-$100
  • Notebook and pen
  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable canned and dry food

Now, does your fireplace work if the power goes out? If you have a gas and wood fireplace, the answer is yes. They do not require electricity for venting and can be used safely. Fireplaces also produce a reliable source of light during a power outage.

Gas Fireplaces in a Power Outage

Your gas fireplace can be a perfect source of heat while other sources like furnaces will no longer work. The fireplace will be able to produce heat and keep your home warm.
If your gas fireplace has a blower, that will no longer work. However, a blower is not necessary for the safety or function of the fireplace. Gas fireplaces tend to have battery backups or ignition packs in case of power loss.

Also, all direct vent gas fireplaces are sealed, which keep emissions out, and vents them to the exterior of your home because warm air rises – no electricity is needed to operate your gas fireplace.

Wood Fireplaces in a Power Outage

Wood fireplaces are the oldest source of heat for homes! Now, wood fireplaces are more advanced than old wood fireplaces, but they function the same way. Because warm air rises, wood fireplaces push emissions out without the need for electricity. Like gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces function even if the blower isn’t in operation.

Fireplaces that won’t work in a Power Outage

  • Electric fireplaces
  • Power vented fireplaces
  • Fireplace blowers

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