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A fireplace is a great addition to your home, but what fireplace style is best for you? The decision often depends on a variety of factors including space, ability to construct a fireplace, cost, and the type of aesthetic that you are looking for. Woodstoves, electric fireplaces, and gas fireplaces are great heating options for your home. Each of these also has a variety of styles to choose from which gives you plenty of options when choosing a fireplace.

Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves have been around for centuries, but have not held on to their popularity due to more convenient heat sources such as furnaces and electric and gas fireplaces. Although not as widely popular as they once were, wood burning stoves are sought after due to their ambience and inexpensive fuel costs.

Advantages: As mentioned, wood burning stoves provide consumers with an authentic, crackling fire. This is one of the reasons why people choose wood burning stoves as a primary or secondary heat source. Also, wood burning stoves are highly efficient and the cost of fuel (wood) is quite low.

Drawbacks: The drawbacks of a wood burning stove include the cleanup, the need to store and cut wood, and the need for ventilation. Since wood burning stoves must burn wood for fuel, this creates a need to store this fuel for use. Also, you must either purchase precut wood or cut the wood yourself, which can be a hassle, especially during the cold winter months. Wood burning stoves also create ash and soot, which has to be cleaned up regularly.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces offer consumers many options and they are low maintenance. Electric fireplaces come in a variety of colors and styles and offer the most versatility. They can be wall mounted or freestanding, and also placed inside media cabinets. There are options for freestanding corner units as well. Due to the flexibility, electric fireplaces are very popular.

Advantages: Electric fireplaces are convenient and mess free. They require little to no maintenance and will last a long time with proper care. They can be placed anywhere in the home and can save you on the cost of gas during the wintertime. They are a safer, more eco-friendly heating source and do not require ventilation.

Drawbacks: While electric fireplaces can save you on heating costs, they do use electricity, which may raise the cost of this utility. Electric fireplaces do not give off as much heat as a wood burning stove.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces also come in a variety of styles and colors. While they can’t be mounted to a wall, gas fireplaces do come in vent free models, so there is no need for a chimney. Vent free gas fireplaces are equipped with a catalytic converter that will remove the harmful carbon monoxide that is created with the burning flame. The fireplaces come with oxygen depletion sensors as well that will detect if the oxygen in the air is being depleted. If this happens the gas will automatically turn off. In addition, many models come with carbon monoxide detectors built in for extra safety.

Advantages: Unlike authentic wood burning stoves, gas fireplaces have virtually no mess to clean. There is no need to store wood and no mess to clean after each use. Gas fireplaces, since the availability of vent free options, can be placed anywhere in your home. Drawbacks: While gas fireplaces are very convenient and relatively low maintenance, there are some drawbacks. Using a gas fireplace can create a slight odor in the air, especially after the first few uses. These odors are harmless, but can be noticeable. Another drawback to gas is that it is not an ecofriendly option.

Ed’s Woodshed has your heating needs covered. They can help you choose which heating source is right for your home and provide you with many options to choose from. Stay warm this winter with a fireplace or wood burning stove from Ed’s Woodshed.

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