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Gas Fireplace

When you purchase a gas or an electric fireplace, you may be wondering how high it should be installed on the wall. Every living space is configured differently, so it can be tricky to determine how high to place the fireplace.

Keep in mind that when looking at a fireplace, the best view is when you look down on the fireplace rather than up. With this in mind, you can better determine how to position your fireplace for optimal viewing and warmth.

Where Can My Fireplace Be Installed?

Typically, we can mount a fireplace on the wall at any height as long as it meets our installation requirements. On average, 40-42 inches is the most popular height range from the floor of the home to the bottom of the fireplace. This will allow you to easily view the fireplace in a seated position.

Types of Fireplaces and Their Ideal Height

There are a variety of different fireplace types, and each of them needs to be placed at certain heights for optimal and safe use.

Electric Fireplace Height

Electric fireplaces are a very popular option when it comes to wall-mounted fireplaces. They are versatile and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate your living space.

This type of fireplace is easy for us to install and remove. In some cases, it doesn’t even require a wall recess or venting. With this type of accessibility, we can mount your electric fireplace virtually anywhere in the home as long as there is access to an electrical outlet.

Traditional Fireplace Height

Typically, a wood fireplace is square and will be placed at floor level. This is to make it easier to add firewood. It is not a requirement to place the fireplace at floor level, but it will make things more convenient.

For more visual appeal, you may consider mounting the wood fireplace six to 12 inches off the ground. For kitchens or bedrooms, we can raise them up even higher.

Gas Fireplace Height

Gas fireplaces offer a variety of wall installation options to meet your needs. We will work with you to check your manufacturer’s clearance requirements and your local codes when installing your fireplace. With the linear height and shape, there are many ways we can install your fireplace.

Fireplace Installation and Low Ceilings

If you plan to install a fireplace in a room such as a basement or an attic where the ceilings are lower than usual, you will want to avoid cutting the wall in half with the fireplace installation. We recommend installing the fireplace on the bottom third of the wall, below the halfway point on the wall.

You also need to take into consideration anything that may be installed over the fireplace, making sure you have enough space to install the fireplace below it without crowding the wall.

Fireplace Installation Services

Our team of experts can create a cozy space for you and your family to enjoy with our fireplace installation services. Contact us today to learn more!

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