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ummer is officially behind us and the cold days of winter are getting closer and closer. Soon you will be thinking of ways to heat up your home to ward off the chill in the air. While a furnace is a great heating option, if you aren’t quite ready to turn it on this season or just want an additional heating source, then a natural gas fireplace is a great option.

Natural Gas Fireplace – Types

There are two types of natural gas fireplaces: vented and vent-less. Each offer their own benefits and how you will use your fireplace will determine which choice is best for you. Vented logs provide the look and feel of a real burning fire, but without all of the mess associated with it. Vented gas fireplaces can be installed into your current unused fireplace. Since it is vented, you will need to use the chimney and flue to properly vent the fireplaces. Vented gas fireplaces are oftentimes more expensive than vent-less options but are deemed less efficient. Vented gas fireplaces are estimated to have an efficiency rate of around 70-85% compared to the vent-less options boasting an efficiency rate of around 99%. While this may be the case, the vented options are preferred due to their realistic look that closely resembles a real wood burning fire.

Vent-less options are similar to vented option but are often thought to look less realistic than a vented gas fireplace. Vent-less options may be installed in your existing fireplace as well but do not require a chimney or flue. They offer a more concentrated heating option and aren’t used to heat your entire home.

Both options offer more convenience than a traditional wood burning fireplace, as they can be turned off and on when needed. There is no need to wait for a fire to safely burn out before leaving your home.

Natural Gas Fireplace – Benefits

A natural gas fireplace not only benefits you by keeping your warm when it is cold outside, it can also provide additional benefits such as:

  • Enhancing your décor
  • Increasing your home’s value
  • Lowering energy costs
  • Proving ambience
  • Creating a gathering place for friends and family

Fireplaces can add to the look of your home and give it a more appealing and comforting feel. Fireplaces are associated with warmth, which is why people tend to congregate around them. They also offer a peaceful atmosphere with the ambience created by the soft glow of the crackling fire. People are compelled to gather around the fireplace to not only get warm but to sometimes get entranced by the calming effects of the flames. Like nature, fireplaces provide a calming and relaxing presence in the home. Sitting by a crackling fire is a great stress reliever after a long, busy day.

The addition of a fireplace can also help to lower your overall energy costs. You can use the fireplace to supplement your heating needs or in lieu of turning on the furnace early in the season. By using the fireplace only when needed, you aren’t heating areas of your home that aren’t being occupied in addition to not heating your home when you are away. Many have seen the benefits of lower energy costs when using a fireplace on an as needed basis before the temperatures drop too low. You may also be eligible for a rebate from your gas company for the purchase of a gas fireplace.

Fireplaces have been known to increase a home’s value as well, since they are a commonly sought out amenity. If you are looking to sell your home in the future, then the addition of a fireplace can be a great investment and help lure potential homebuyers.

Natural Gas Fireplace – Maintenance

As with any appliance, yearly maintenance and inspections are a must. Maintaining and inspecting your gas fireplace is important for the safety of your home and family. You can inspect the fireplace yourself for any noticeable wear or damage, but it is important to do so in addition to having a professional inspect it as well. The best time to get your fireplace inspected is before you use it for the season. Since it operates using natural gas, you want to ensure that there are no leaks which can cause serious risk of injury. Certified professionals can thoroughly inspect your fireplace to ensure it is working properly and provide that additional peace of mind.

Ed’s Woodshed has a wide range of gas fireplaces to choose from. If you are in the market for a gas fireplace, then check out Ed’s Woodshed today!

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