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Tis the season for summer grilling. When throwing a barbeque it is important to prepare. This includes performing grill maintenance each season and inspecting your grill prior to cooking to confirm that it is working properly. There is nothing worse than inviting friends and family over for a barbeque and not having a grill to prepare the meat.

A day or two prior to the event inspect your grill by doing the following:

  • Check all hoses and connections for wear and cracks, as well as to ensure seals are tight
  • Perform a leak test prior to using your grill for the first time of the season
  • Turn the grill on to test that a flame is produced

Performing a Leak Test

Performing a leak test is essential for the safety of your home, family and property. Propane gas leaks can be dangerous, so it is best to be safe and perform a leak test on your tank and hoses.

Tank Leak Test

Step 1: Turn your grill to the off position
Step 2: Turn your propane tank valve to the closed position
Step 3: Create a solution of equal parts of liquid dishwashing detergent and water
Step 4: Apply solution with an eye dropper or small paintbrush to the connection between the regulator fitting and the tank valve and the length of the hose.
Step 5: If bubbles appear, tighten the connections and retest.

Do not use the grill if bubbles appear, as this is an indication of a gas leak. You will need to have your grill repaired before use.

Hose Leak Test

Step 1: Turn your grill to the off position
Step 2: Turn your propane tank valve to the open position
Step 3: Apply solution to the fittings on the hoses near the control knobs
Step 4: Test each knob by applying the solution to the fittings and turning the knobs to high

Again, do not use the grill if bubbles appear. Have your grill repaired before use.

Cleaning your Grill

Once all safety tests are performed on your grill, then you will want to clean your grill before use. Clean the grill by using a grill brush to brush off any leftover remnants from previous use. Wipe the inside of the lid to remove any debris as well. You can scrap the inside of the lid with a spatula and then wipe with a rag. Also, remove the drip pan and clean it with hot soapy water after wiping out any leftover oil and/or grease.

Grill maintenance is important not only for safety, but also to prolong the life of your grill. Ed’s Woodshed offers grill maintenance services, as well as a range of gourmet and gas barbeque grills for sale.

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