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When the chilly autumn days fade into cold winter nights, there’s nothing more satisfying than curling up next to a fire. Whether you are drawn in by the warmth or the charm, be sure to follow Ed’s WOODSHED tips when selecting the perfect fireplace for your home:

  1. Design or function. First things first, decide why you plan to invest in a fireplace. Do you need it to heat a room or do you want to add ambiance to your home. Whatever the reason, be sure to share your wants and needs with a qualified sales assistant who will help you choose the best option for your home.
  2. Wood. Gas. Electric. Nowadays, you can choose from various types of fireplaces such as wood, gas and electric.
  • Wood fireplaces or stoves offer the traditional log-burning experience that have effectively heated homes for centuries. They are typically made of brick, cast iron or steel and require solid wood or pellets for fuel.
  • Gas fireplaces on the other hand are fueled by a natural gas line or propane. They can be remote control operated, do not need the storage space or manual fuel replenishment a wood fireplace requires and there are a slew of trim and log designs making a gas fireplace very customizable.
  • Electric Fireplaces are electric heaters that mimic a wood or gas fireplace, but do not emit fumes, are safer than its counterparts and require very little maintenance. The sensory experience is not the same as a wood or gas fireplace, but overall they are less costly, provide warmth and do not require remodeling to install.
  1. Cost savings: If the allure of a fireplace is to cut down on the cost of your heating bill be sure to research if you’d truly save money. While one room may benefit from a fireplace, it will not heat your entire home. You’ll most likely use your furnace as you normally would, unless your plan is to lower your furnace’s thermostat and spend more time in just one room.
  2. Heat efficiency: Freestanding, thermostat-controlled fireplaces can be programmed to automatically adjust to the temperature of your liking. If you prefer a room at 72°F, your fireplace will turn on and off as needed.
  3. Does the room have a ceiling fan? If not, you may want to install one. Though it sounds counterintuitive, a fan’s reverse (clockwise) setting draws cooler air from the floor upwards and in turn pushes the warmer air down. Keep it on the lowest speed and this process will help evenly heat the room.

Fireplaces not only add heat to your home, but they provide a cozy gathering place the whole family can enjoy. For wood, gas or electric fireplace installation, please call or visit Ed’s WOODSHED conveniently located just 12 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA in Bridgeville and speak to an Ed’s WOODSHED Expert today!

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