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Adding a fireplace to your outdoor space is a great way to make the most of your property. An outdoor fireplace creates the possibility for more memories made together, it encourages gathering and provides the perfect, comfortable spot for any time of year.

Extended Entertaining Space

There’s no doubt about it, a patio or deck with a fireplace will make your home the go-to spot for parties, celebrations, and gatherings of all kinds. With the extra space where guests can comfortably sit around the warm glow of the fire, you’ll feel great about hosting extra company because you won’t be confined to the interior of your home, and everyone will feel free to mingle and eat outdoors. This extra space means bigger gatherings and less mess inside!

Warmth and Ambiance

Having a gathering in the fall or winter? An outdoor fireplace makes it possible to enjoy your outdoor area even during the colder months of the year. The warmth provided by an outdoor fireplace will make everyone forget the chill in the air. The cozy and romantic atmosphere that an outdoor fireplace creates is perfect for a large group or an intimate get-together for a few guests.

Outdoor Cooking

The outdoor fireplace is perfect for some good old campfire cooking. Roasting, grilling, and s’more making can all be done in the outdoor fireplace. Skip the mess in the kitchen and create that camping vibe without leaving home!

Increased Home Value

It’s no secret that a beautiful and useful outdoor space will exponentially increase the value of your property. If you’re looking for a way to set your property apart from others on the market, one of the best returns on investment is adding an outdoor living space. Adding a fireplace to an existing outdoor space will only increase the attractiveness and perceived value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers. This is a great way to complete your home and make it stand out among the rest.

If your next home project includes an outdoor fireplace installation, let the experts at Ed’s Woodshed make your vision come to life. Our professional installation team will meticulously complete the job from start to finish so that all you need to do is grab some marshmallows and plan your first gathering around the new outdoor fireplace. For more information on installing an outdoor fireplace, give Ed’s Woodshed a call at 412-257-0492.

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