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It is hard to believe that fall is right around the corner. With cooler weather arriving soon, it is time to think about fireplace maintenance. Getting your fireplace ready for fall is necessary for the safety and security of your home and family.

Follow these tips to get your fireplace ready for use this fall:

Tip #1: Inspect

It is important to visually inspect your fireplace. This is the case even if you have a gas or electric fireplace or fireplace insert. Check the pilot light, the on and off switch, connecting wires, and the thermopile and look for any wear and tear or erosion. Also, check the vent to make sure it is free from dust. Also double check that all of the wires are secure and that the logs are in good condition. Once you attempt to turn on your fireplace listen for any unusual sounds that may be an indication of a faulty blower. And don’t forget to pay attention to any uncommon smells that may indicate a gas leak or burning wires.

Tip #2: Clean

After inspecting your electric or gas fireplace, wipe it down with a lint-free cloth to remove any dust and/or debris. You can use a small brush (such as a clean, unused toothbrush) to remove any dirt from under or around the controls and valves. If your fireplace has a glass front, clean that as well with glass cleaner to remove any remnants that were left behind from last season such as oil or dust.

Tip #3: Replace or Repair

If you see any wear and tear, cracks, or erosion, then it is important to replace those parts before operating your fireplace this fall. Have a professional fireplace repair person replace any damaged parts or make any needed repairs. Never run your fireplace if you see that it has damaged parts. Frays in wiring can cause sparks which may lead to an electrical fire. Always air on the side of caution if you are concerned with the condition of your fireplace.

Tip #4: Maintain

The best tip for anyone that owns a gas or electric fireplace or fireplace insert is to have it professional maintained every year. It is important to have an inspection completed by a certified professional to ensure the safety of your home and family. Some problems can go unnoticed and cause safety concerns. Gas and electric fireplaces, and fireplace inserts also should cleaned and maintained regularly by the owner as well. And while gas and electric fireplaces are generally safe, any appliance in your home that is not serviced regularly can cause a safety concern.

Ed’s Woodshed has a vast array of gas and electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts for your home. Adding a fireplace to your home will provide a warm, comforting ambience and may even help lower your heating costs. Visit Ed’s Woodshed today to find the right fireplace for you.

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