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Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, the sunning is shining, and your mouth is beginning to water at the very thought of some good barbeque. Finally, it is time to pull out the grill, invite some friends over, grab some drinks and have a good time.

Before you start planning that party and indulging in some spring grilling, first things first; clean out the grill. Even if your grill was used all year long it has probably accumulated a lot of grime. To ensure you get the best flavors from your gas grill it important to perform some maintenance.

Getting Started, Don’t say you were not forewarned as cleaning a gas grill takes a little effort. Therefore, you may want to save this job for the weekend when you have a little more time. Before you begin please be safe and shut off and disconnect your gas supply.

What to Clean:oBurner Tubes – It is best to use a stainless steel wire brush to remove the built up ash and grime. Also check to see if there is any blockage which would affect the consistency of your gas grills flame. Do not attempt to clear the blockage without referring to your owner’s manual first.

oDrip Pan – To omit the risk of an accidental fire it is important to remove any grease build up and food from the fire box and drip pan. Using a putty knife you want to scrape away the muck from these items.

Grates – Using a special cleaner is an option, but good old soap and water will do just as well. oCheck the Gas – Regardless of what type of gas you use, it is important to check the parts that connect the gas to the grill. Again refer to your owner’s manual on the best and safest way to check your connections.

Exterior – Again soap and water should do. Also, do not use an abrasive pad to wipe down the exterior for it can scratch the stainless steel surface which leads to rusting. Purchasing a cover for your gas grill will also help protect the exterior surface. There you have it. With a little effort you can get your gas grill in top performance shape for the spring season. Have fun and be safe!

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