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Picking the Perfect Grill for Spring

Alright Pittsburgh, grilling season has arrived! After months of crockpot chili and oven roasted chicken we move our kitchens outside for summer favorites like grilled vegetables, shish kabobs and crowd pleasers like hamburgers & hot dogs! And, unless you’ve braved the cold winter grilling outside or you have an indoor grill, you may be itching to cross off a new grill from your “honey-do” list.

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Improving the Value of Your Home with a New Fireplace

When you consider upgrading your home, you may want to renovate your kitchen or add a deck to the backyard. Maybe you haven’t considered getting a new fireplace, but you should know that gas, wood, and electric fireplaces are all popular choices for home upgrades.

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Tips for Choosing a New Fireplace

When the chilly autumn days fade into cold winter nights, there’s nothing more satisfying than curling up next to a fire. Whether you are drawn in by the warmth or the charm, be sure to follow Ed’s WOODSHED tips when selecting the perfect fireplace for your home…

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How to Enjoy your Fireplace this Thanksgiving

The holiday season is right around the corner which means you will be entertaining family and friends. The Thanksgiving holiday is a perfect time to have a warm, crackling fire available to not only add warmth to the room, but to give guests a place other than the dining room table and kitchen to congregate.

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Investing in a Natural Gas Fireplace

Summer is officially behind us and the cold days of winter are getting closer and closer. Soon you will be thinking of ways to heat up your home to ward off the chill in the air. While a furnace is a great heating option, if you aren’t quite ready to turn it on this season or just want an additional heating source, then a natural gas fireplace is a great option.

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Fall Fireplace Tips

It is hard to believe that fall is right around the corner. With cooler weather arriving soon, it is time to think about fireplace maintenance. Getting your fireplace ready for fall is necessary for the safety and security of your home and family.

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What You Need to Know When Installing a Gas Grill

Grilling is a common pastime for many Americans. It brings people together and not to mention that food cooked on a grill has a unique flavor that is hard to replicate when cooking on a stove. If you’ve decided to purchase an outdoor gas grill, then bear in mind that you will want to be educated on the installation process. Knowing what is involved in the installation process and how it can affect the grill that you ultimately decide to purchase is important.

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Preparing for Summer BBQs

Tis the season for summer grilling. When throwing a barbeque it is important to prepare. This includes performing grill maintenance each season and inspecting your grill prior to cooking to confirm that it is working properly. There is nothing worse than inviting friends and family over for a barbeque and not having a grill to prepare the meat.

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Grilling Safety Tips

Summer is the perfect for spending time outdoors, which often means enjoying picnics and food from the grill. In fact, July is the most popular month for grilling. When grilling it is important to follow safety precautions to protect your family, your home and your property.

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Should You Invest in an Electric Fireplace?

There are many choices for consumers who are interested in a supplemental heating element to use in addition to their home’s furnace. One such choice is an electric fireplace, which has many advantages for a homeowner. If you are trying to decide if an electric fireplace would be a good addition to your home, then check out the benefits and drawbacks outlined below to see if it is the right fit for you.

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